The Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation Story

Bob Agentis met Judith Kurtz at Liberty High School in the mid-1960s, and soon after graduation,  the two young sweethearts were married. Bob worked several jobs, including a stint at the Bethlehem Steel Co., while, Judie worked at various local firms as well. Soon, daughter Lisa was born, and Bob, an entrepreneur at heart, opened his own real estate firm. Judie was always by her husband’s side, assisting with the logistics of running a business.  When time allowed, the couple volunteered for local charities, tended to family, spent time with the grandkids, and when time allowed, enjoyed sport fishing and golf.

During the holiday season of 2012, at the age of 64, Judie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She spent her last days at St. Luke’s Hospice House in Bethlehem, PA, where Bob kept vigil with his spouse of 47 years. After Judie’s passing, Bob realized he had lost 35 pounds,  as the only food available to him was from a vending machine. He began delivering nutritious weekly meals from fine Lehigh Valley restaurants to hospice house, and soon, he founded the Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation (JAACF), a 5013c non-profit.

Today, JAACF continues to fill a need for the delivery of delicious meals for family members spending last precious moments with a loved one.  Bob has single-handedly (along with JAACF volunteers) delivered, more than 15,000 meals to hospice house. JAACF also promotes early cancer detection and education. Under-insured patients may contact Bob Agentis regarding free screenings.

Judie’s Table

Through generous food donations made by Restaurants, bakery’s and  Grocery stores,  Judie’s Table provides meals to families visiting their loved ones in Hospice care.  These donations also provide for the Staff who are often unable to have regular meals due to the performance of urgent duties at the Hospice.  The food donations are solicited through the foundation, picked up and delivered to the Hospice by volunteers.

Judies Heart

Since Pancreatic Cancer shows little or no symptoms until late stages,  the foundation will urge individuals to be screened and will provide payment of tests , i.e.  CAT SCANs , X Rays, MRI’s, and Colonoscopies.  This assistance will include  at risk  individuals who cannot secure a medical script for the procedure or do not have medical insurance and cannot afford  for payment of the Test.  Payments for the test  will be secured through donation solicited from individuals, corporation and businesses. The Test will be administered through participating radiology centers both private and institutional.

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