Judith Adele Agentis Foundation



A Charitable Foundation established to provide meals to Hospice Centers; and to provide testing, early  detection, awareness and education about Pancreatic, Liver, and Colon Cancers .

Judie’s Table
Through generous food donations made by Restaurants, bakery’s and  Grocery stores,  Judie’s Table provides meals to families visiting their loved ones in Hospice care.  These donations also provide for the Staff who are often unable to have regular meals due to the performance of urgent duties at the Hospice.  The food donations are solicited through the foundation, picked up and delivered to the Hospice by volunteers.

Judies Heart;
Since Pancreatic Cancer shows little or no symptoms until late stages,  the foundation will urge individuals to be screened and will provide payment of tests , i.e.  CAT SCANs , X Rays, MRI’s, and Colonoscopies.  This assistance will include  at risk  individuals who cannot secure a medical script for the procedure or do not have medical insurance and cannot afford  for payment of the Test.  Payments for the test  will be secured through donation solicited from individuals, corporation and businesses. The Test will be administered through participating radiology centers both private and institutional.


JAACF-Page-Header-001.jpgJudith Adele Agentis FoundationCorked Wine Bar & Steak House Donation to Judie’s Table at the St Lukes Hospice House, Bethlehem PaJudith Adele Agentis FoundationShulasShulas Steak HouseChris Valianatos, Owner Of The Villa, Donates to Judie's TableJudith Adele Agentis FoundationJudith Adele Agentis FoundationThe JUDITH ADELE AGENTIS CHARTIABLE FOUNDATION HAS BEEN SELECTED BY;
GAIL GRAY- Home Furnishings and DesignDyanne Holt, owner of Apollo Grill, with Bob Agentis at the St Luke's Hospice House.Dyanne Holt, Owner of the Apollo Grill, donates to the Judie's Table at the St Lukes Hospice House.  Photography by Jacqueline AgentisCory Suida, Executive Restaurant Manager of Melt, to Judie's Table at the St Lukes Hospice HouseBill Maruyama picking up food donations from Cory Suida, Executive  Restaurant Manager of Melt, to Judie's Table at the St Lukes Hospice House  2013©JCAgentisJudith Adele Agentis FoundationDominic Lombardo, Owner and Executive Chef of The Mint Donates To Hospice HouseHanoverville Roadhouse donating to the Hospice HouseChris Vallianatos, Bob Agentis, and Tom Long Load SUV with Food Donations for the Hospice HouseSotto Santi Restaurant generously donates to the local Hospice CenterMartellucci's generously donates to the local Hospice in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania